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#UNOnow Refer and Earn Promo

Limited Time Offer! Cash in at least P1,000 to your #UNOready or #UNOready@GCash account and get PHP 50 cash credit. Check our messages and emails for the cut off date on when you can still qualify for the promo.

      1. Promo Offer: Refer your friends and family to apply for an #UNOnow loan and get PHP500.00 for every approved and disbursed loan.

      2. The #UNOnow Refer and Earn Promo (“Referral Promo” or the “Promo”) will run from August 31, 2023 to October 31, 2023 (“Promo Period”)

      3. Only clients of UNO who qualify under the criteria set out below and are not prohibited under the applicable Gifts, Anti-Bribery and Corruption laws, regulations and policies from participating in and/or qualifying for this Promo will be considered as eligible (“Eligible Customers”). Non-Filipino citizens, and non-residents of the Philippines are not eligible to participate in this Promo.

      4. A customer is eligible for the Promo if he/she meets the criteria in this section and all the other conditions set out in the succeeding sections:

        1. Has successfully completed the eKYC process

        2. Has a valid UNO Digital Bank account

        3. Is an active customer of UNO Digital Bank

      5. Mechanics:

        1. A unique referral code will be sent to you via SMS, Viber or email by UNO Digital Bank. Share this referral code with friends and family who are interested in applying for an #UNOnow loan.

        2. Share these instructions with your friends and family:

          1. When onboarding in the UNO mobile app, click “Yes” when asked if you have a referral code.

          2. Three options will appear where you can type in your personal code – 1) Referral Code, 2) Promotional Code and 3) Sourcing Company Code.

          3. Type in your unique referral code under Sourcing Company Code.

          4. Don’t forget to choose “#UNOnow” as the product you are applying for.

      6. An Eligible Customer will be awarded a cash credit amounting to Php500.00 for every successful referral who applies for a loan, gets approved and has a disbursed loan amounting to at least Php10,000.00. This will be credited directly to the Eligible Customer’s #UNOready savings account following the crediting schedule mentioned in #8.

      7. The awarding of the cash credit will be subject to the following conditions:

        1. The referee must successfully complete the eKYC process;

        2. The referee must apply, get approved and have their loan disbursed during the promo period. Loan disbursed must be equal or greater than Php10,000.00.

      8. Crediting of the cash credit will be done no later than 1 month after end of promo period or November 30, 2023. If Referee does not pay the due amount during this period (or before November 30, 2023), the cash credit will be forfeited.

      9. There is no limit to the number of people that can be referred and the amount of referral cash credit an Eligible Customer can earn.

      10. By participating in the Promo, Eligible Customers hereby authorize the transfer, disclosure, and communication of information relation to his/her accounts to and from/between UNO and participating merchants, service providers and other relevant third parties for the purpose of marketing and promotion, verification, checking, validation, and fulfillment.

      11. UNO may modify, suspend or terminate the Promo; provided that in the event the Promo is rendered illegal due to a change in law or regulation, or where the Promo may not be implemented in the event of a force majeure event such as war, or public health crisis, UNO may modify, suspend or terminate the Promo. Such modification, suspension or termination will not affect the right of the Eligible Customers who have already qualified and fulfilled all the promo conditions for the awarding of the cash credit.

      12. Fraud, abuse, misinterpretation or any unauthorized action relating to the availment of the products, participation in the Promo, or redemption of the cash credit may result in disqualification of the clients from the Promo, suspension or cancellation of the banking privileges, closing of the accounts in UNO or the forfeiture of the cash credit via a debit by UNO of the equivalent amount from the client’s #UNOready account, at UNO’s discretion, as the case may be. UNO shall have the sole and absolute discretion to disqualify anyone from participation in the Promo.

      13. The Promo and its corresponding cash credit are not convertible to any other form of reward.

      14. In case of disputes, UNO’s decision will be final.

UNO is a member of PDIC. Deposits are insured by PDIC up to PHP 500,000.00 per depositor.


For further inquiries, you may contact our Customer Happiness Specialists at +632 8811 8866 or +63 919 0599866 from 6AM to 10PM, 7 days a week. You may also send a message via the UNO In-App Message or an email to


Likewise, should you have any concerns in relation to your personal information, or the manner or purpose for which it is processed, please contact UNObank’s Data Protection Officer at and for more information regarding the Data Privacy Act, you may visit


UNObank, Inc. is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). You may contact the Bangko Sentral Financial Consumer Protection Department through their contact number +632 8708-7087 or send an email at .

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