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Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t want our employees to be burdened with opening another account and the costs associated with maintaining one

Opening an UNO digital bank account can be done in a matter of minutes using our mobile app and just 1 valid government issued ID. There is no minimum deposit or maintaining balance required so it should not be burdensome on the part of your employees.

How do I qualify for the Free Life Insurance Coverage?

Provided you maintain a monthly Average Daily Balance (ADB) of PHP 10,000, you are automatically entitled to Life Insurance coverage of PHP 50,000. Should you fall below the PHP 10,000 ADB requirement, you lose your eligibility.

You are a digital bank with no branches. How will our employees access their funds?

UNO Digital Bank Mobile App is where all transactions are made. The app is available 24/7, wherever you are, and whenever you want.

We already have a partner bank as our payroll bank. Do I need to move the company’s payroll to UNO to enjoy the benefits of the UNO@Work program?

Transferring the company payroll is optional. It is your employee’s choice to nominate their #UNOready savings account as their payroll account. Regardless, the company can still be onboarded to the UNO@Work program which will provide access to all the deposit and loan benefits available for their employees, including superior savings and salary loan rates, free life insurance and free financial management courses.

We already have an existing salary loans program. Why partner with UNO?

The UNO@Work program is not designed to replace your current salary loans program, rather to augment it in such a way that it becomes even more beneficial for your employees, without having to shell out more capital.

We would like to promote savings and investing and not encourage our employees to borrow funds.

The UNO@Work Program is a holistic financial wellness program that promotes the value of saving and investing. We also offer preferential interest rates and financial management courses to guide you in making sound financial decisions.


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