Secure your mobile phone

uno digital bank secure your phone

Remember that your mobile phone contains sensitive information.   Avoid letting other people use your mobile phone enrolled in UNO Digital Bank to be safe from unauthorized access.   #SafeWithUNO

Protect your login ID and password

uno digital bank secure login details

Staying #SafeWithUNO means staying vigilant at all times. Protect your login details by using a different password from your non-banking apps. Keep those hackers guessing and keep your mind relaxed with UNO Digital Bank!   If you detect any unauthorized activity, please contact our customer service team at or through (02) 8811 8866 and […]

Regularly change your password

uno digital bank update password regularly

#SafeWithUNO Tip: Make it a habit to update your password from time to time! Changing it regularly helps you protect your account from potential security threats.    Follow these tips when thinking of your new password: Don’t use personal information like birthdays or addresses; Make it at least 8 characters long and use a combination […]

Save your transaction reference number!

Save your transaction reference number

You’re marked #SafeWithUNO when you monitor online transactions! 🙆🏻‍♀️   After every payment you make with UNO Digital Bank, it is important to keep a copy of the reference number, which serves as proof that the specific transaction was completed.    This also makes it easier to track your transaction record for any after-sales concerns.

Determine how your personal info will be used/shared with others

Determine how your personal info will be used shared with others

We don’t want you to get hurt 🥲 financially, of course!    This is a #SafeWithUNO reminder for you all!     When you disclose your financial information to any e-commerce website or mobile application, determine how they will use your information. Check the website’s statements, making sure that your provided information is secured.   You […]

Turn on alerts!

Turn on alerts

Monitor your account activities by turning on email, app or SMS alerts. Keep your money #SafeWithUNO by flagging any suspicious activity   Contact our customer service team at, (02) 8811 8866, or +63 919 0599866 for unauthorized transactions.

Keep both eyes open on your transaction history!


Stay #SafeWithUNO by keeping track of your transaction history. Regularly checking will ensure that all your app activities are aligned with your transactions.   For any unauthorized activity, please contact our customer service team at or through (02) 8811 8866 and +63 919 0599866.   #UNOdigitalbank #LetsGetStarted #ElevatingYou #ElevatedBanking

Keep your passwords #SafeWithUNO!

Keep your passwords SafeWithUNO

To make sure that you are #SafeWithUNO, we advise against storing your ID or password on your mobile device or computer. Your device could be stolen, or infected with malware, giving thieves easy access to your accounts.   #UNOdigitalbank

Keep tabs on your recent transactions!

Keep tabs on your recent transactions

Start the year with good habits and a #SafeWithUNO tip from UNO Digital Bank!    Remember to monitor the details of your recent transactions and statements to ensure that no unauthorized transactions occurred. Immediately notify #UNOdigitalbank if there are any suspicious activities on your account.

UNO will never initiate calls, SMS, emails, etc.

UNO will never initiate calls SMS emails etc.

To make sure you’re #SafeWithUNO and you enjoy your elevated banking experience, let’s be extra vigilant!   #UNOdigitalbank will never initiate calls, texts, emails, or chats asking you to update or verify your card details (full name, card number, CVV, and expiry date), personal information, or your one-time password (OTP).    If you receive any […]